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the angel course

the april course: conscious momentum in the heat of the moment

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spiritual practice isn’t how long you meditate or how many self-help books you’ve read. the real spiritual practice is taking everything you’ve learned and applying it in your real life. Spiritual practice organizes on your mat but the real spiritual practice generates in everyday experiences and each conscious victory delivers you closer to your destiny. the real spiritual practice is when you can stay calm, graceful, and self-aware in the heat of the moment. learn how to slow down your emotional reaction speed and observe yourself from an outside perspective. act don’t react. storms come and change the environment but you can become unshakeable. clear the emotional fog and illuminate the highest path available. 


daily livestreams 

evening meditations 3x a week

weekly workshops

daily inspiration

community support and accountability

live lectures

complimentary access to the graceful angel course womens teaching (@the.graceful.angel.course)

course structure:

the angel course is hosted on a private instagram page (@the.angel.course) classes are live but saved to igtv to access content when it's convenient for you. all members will have access to material from the previous courses throughout the 4 weeks. the account is a private and safe space for members from 4/1-4/30.

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