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the angel course

the february course: closing in on new openings

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it is a common problem that our unconscious habits and thoughts keep us from closing in on the endless openings the universe presents to us. life is all about knowing how and when to hit the target. opportunities pass us by because we haven’t developed the skill to aim and shoot. the practice of kundalini yoga teaches you how know exactly when to pull back the bow and then strike. in this way of living, without your own limitations, you master the art of closing the deal. you have the power to make victory and success your way of life, in every aspect of life.


daily livestreams 

evening meditations 3x a week

weekly workshops

daily inspiration

community support and accountability

live lectures

complimentary access to the graceful angel course women's teachings (@the.graceful.angel.course)

course structure:

the angel course is hosted on a private instagram page (@the.angel.course) classes are live but saved to igtv to access content when it's convenient for you. all members will have access to material from the previous courses throughout the 4 weeks. the account is a private and safe space for members from 2/1-2/29.

*all sales final. please check your email after signing up to receive instructions on how to gain access to the instagram page!*