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the angel course

the july course: the journey towards a more spiritual life

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you are a spiritual being having a human experience here on earth. there are many different paths on the spiritual journey but all roads lead to the same destination, the point in which we are able to connect to and be covered by an unlimited source of energy. when you tap into this power, you can push beyond your limits and overcome otherwise impossible obstacles. july is about clearly defining your goals, understanding your purpose, and figuring out what spirituality means to YOU. there is no right or wrong way to be spiritual, all judgement ends here. find out who you really are, hear the call of the soul, and clear the path. this is where transformation begins and positive change becomes guaranteed. travel in a direction that supports your ever-expanding growth. watch your dreams unfold.



daily livestreams 

evening meditations 3x a week

weekly workshops

daily inspiration

community support and accountability

live lectures

complimentary access to the graceful angel course womens teaching (@the.graceful.angel.course)

course structure:

the angel course is hosted on a private instagram page (@the.angel.course) classes are live but saved to igtv to access content when it's convenient for you. all members will have access to material from the previous courses throughout the 4 weeks. the account is a private and safe space for members from 7/1-7/31.

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