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the angel course

the march course: letting go of anxiety & attachment

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move through an energy detox designed to release personal dead weight, judgement, thoughts, ideas, and past experiences that pull you down. open yourself up to be aligned to the positive forces and set yourself free. close the doors to the karmic experience of attachments and use this practice to guide you through the process of letting go. Instead of being tied to the illusions, use them to grow into your true self: a spiritual being with unlimited potential. take a chance on the opportunity to change or expand your attitude and perspective towards life.

over the span of four weeks, the course is designed to open the door to awareness, heightened energy, breakthroughs, and happiness. this is the golden key to unlocking the ability to not only realize your dreams but actually bring them into reality. all that is required is your participation. 

welcome email with instructions on joining the course will follow within 24hrs after purchase.


daily livestreams 

evening meditations 3x a week

weekly workshops

daily inspiration and assignments 

community support and accountability

bi-weekly reading material

live lectures

access to the intro course (

course structure:

the angel course is hosted on a private instagram page. classes and meditations are live but saved to igtv to access content when it's convenient for you. all members will have access to material from the previous courses throughout the 4 weeks. the account is a private and safe space for members.